Opportunities & Challenges to the Opioid Epidemic 

This summary report by Dr. Thomas K. Bond looks at cannabis, chronic pain syndromes, and the opioid epidemic from an opportunities and challenges perspective. Download this report to learn more about what is working with cannabis and the data to back it up.

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Dr. Thomas Bond's summary report on the opportunities and challenges with the opioid crisis looks at the following:

  • The benefits of CBD and how this natural extract from cannabis is different from THC.
  • A data review on cannabis and addiction shows the early studies and successes that CBD has signaled with opioid addiction and smoking cessation.
  • Attached Senator Blumenauer research is the most complete look at all the data available showing the positive signs of CBD and cannabis in combatting our massive opioid epidemic in the United States.

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Our summary report looks in-depth at the opioid epidemic and how cannabis may be the solution we are looking for.
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